Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Washing Machine to the Rescue!

On March 8th, celebrating the international Women’s Day, the Vatican Catholic Church chose the washing machine as playing the most pivotal role in liberating women. For example, 7 years ago, when the first speaking washing machine, called “Washy Talky”, was invented in India, the washing machines lifted a heavy burden of chores that were mandatory for women.

Since long ago, women have been considered weak and unable to take care of themselves. They have been thought to be a group of people with almost no power in society compared to much superior men. In the ancient city of Athens, women were not allowed to enter stadiums nor plays. These were strictly forbidden in the city and anybody who disobeyed the law was thrown in jail. In addition, womens' opportunities of getting education were ignored. Because of the prejudiced view that people had for women, numerous women have been working in kitchens and doing chores every single day. Nonetheless, I just feel glad that the women could become liberated from some part of the entire burdensome amount of house chores because of the advent electronic machines. Due to the widespread use of washing machines, nowadays, women have much more free time than ever before.

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